• - Quick 'n' Dirty ™ -

    Gasoline Inspired Clothing available in vintage washes

  • - Life is Short - Make It Quick ™ -

    Oil washes / Vintage Prints, Distressed to perfection

  • - No Gas - No Glory ™ -

    Printed in USA, one cool shirt at a time


Our Story:

Conceived in 2012 and built solidly upon the sheer thrill of all things FAST & the culture that surrounds these Man Made Machines, SPEED 13 is a forward looking brand that embraces the long heritage of Racing, the quest for Glory and the Thrill of the Ride! Based deep in racing country, Bristol VA-TN, home of two of the most famous race strips in the United States, it seems only appropriate that we share our birth heritage with such a lineage.

A family owed business, we print all our GearHead merchandise in house in the USA.

With our British roots now planted firmly in American soil, we strive to produce unique designs printed on the best looking vintage wash textiles all for your riding pleasure.


Since '68'