Cesco™ - Dark Lenses

$ 110.00

We managed to find another great example of vintage eyewear for our 'Speed 13' aficionados. True vintage Cesco™ safety goggles.

These are the much harder to find DARK lens addition of the super cool Cesco™ googles made around the 1940-1950's we believe.

Our favorite feature of these goggles would have to be the curvature of the dark glass lenses. Very nice! Used, in good condition with some wear around eyes seal - see pictures. Please note that the old elastic head strap is pretty shagged out, as they always seem to be.

Original adjustment buckle still in-place, but the piece of leather is showing wear but is still holding up.

Lens' measure 3 x 3 3/4 inches all original

Please also note that while the lenses are not cracked, chipped, or heavily scratched there are some tiny blemishes in the glass.Be sure to take a look at our final close-up photo so you can see what we're talking about. The rubber cushion around the vented frame and the frame itself both appear to be fully intact and serviceable. Based on the design, we guess that this vintage pair of safety goggles could originally have been used for motorcyclists - only a guess. Universal adjustable fit - one size fits most. Enjoy!.

A fine old pair of goggles to collect and display or can be used. Don't miss them

If they are cool enough for Bowie, then they are probably cool enough for you.


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